Mes Make Up


Je crée une page pour vous lister mes différents make up :) Pour l’instant ce sont les miniatures de mes photos des articles, mais je pense qu’à l’avenir je ferais quelque chose de plus visibles :) Je vais essayer de mettre les tags aussi en fonction des fars à paupières que j’ai utilisé.

Je vous ai rajouté les tags pour les fars en dessous de chaque make up! Comme ça, si vous chercher un far, vous trouverez peut-être une autre utilisation dans un autre make up :)

001 – Old Gold & Greensmoke 002 – Embark-Moi 003 – Naked Emerald
Green Smoke Dazzlelight Old Gold Plumage Twinks Dazzlelight Embark All That Glitters Naked Emerald Dusk Phloof!
004 – Libanais Surf Baby 005 – Electrik Blue 006 – Golden Bender
Naked Surf USA Bows & Cursleys Phloof! Tilt Swish Phloof! Woodstock Midnight Cowgirl Bender Cobra Skimp
007 – Forest 008 – Alice Flashes In NYC 009 – Brownies
Illusionary Burning Ambition Absolem Alice Underland Rockstar Haight White Rabbit Drink Me Eat Me M.I.A. Chase Dazzlelight Flow
010 – Grape Candy 011 – Make Me Twinks 012 – Deep Truth
Grape Kitchmas Violet Phloof! Naked Twinks Dazzlelight Embark All That Glitters Deep Truth Tilt Dazzlelight
013 – Psychedelic Sister In Woodsock 014 – Graphic Garden
015 – Muchness Queen
Pshychedelic Sister Woodstock Sin Reflects Pearl Graphic Garden Botanical Blue Linear Lilac Wild Wisteria Queen Muchness White Rabbit Drink Me Eat Me
016 – Cop A Teal My Dear ? / Vidéo 017 – Cupcake 018 – The White Brownies
Cop A Teal Shimmermint Plumage Dazzlelight Satin Sheets Cut The Cake Party Girl First Dance All That Glitters Social Climber Embark Graphic Garden Twinks
019 – Being Green In New York 020 – Electra 021 – Prunette
Dazzlelight Loaded Money Electra Gunmetal Oil Slick Phloof! Plum Dressing Swish Phloof!
022 – In The Navy  023 – Marron Glacé  024 – Hot Steamy
Dazzlelight Midnight 15 Evidence ACE Bust Missionary Skimp Lost Zephyr Steamy All That Glitters Plumage Dazzlelight
025 – Satin Sunset  026 – Plum Dressing & Humid  027 – Golden By Alice
Paradisco All That Glitters Satin Taupe Phloof! Humid Plum Dressing Old Gold Dazzlelight Chessur Mad Hatter Jabberwock Drink Me Eat Me
028 – Plum Glitters  029 – Last Call In NYC  030 – It’s Showtime
Plum Dressing All That Glitters Phloof! Suspect Last Call Smog Phloof! Perversion Electra Plumage Phloof!
031 – Cranberry & Olive  032 – Dali’s Make Up  033 – Follow My Trax
Cranberry Sumptuous Olive Georgous Gold Dazzlelight Plumage Sumptuous Olive Georgous Gold Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Trax Georgous Gold Social Climber Graphic-Garden Select Sheer Pressed NC25
034 – Being Green In Wonderland  035 – B&B = Blue & Brown  036 – The Blue Bird
Wonderland AbsolemDrink Me Eat Me Jabberwork Hijack Crystal Lost Skimp Georgous Gold Homegrown Flipside Jinx Plumage Phloof!
037 – Violet Rockstar 038 – Myleneuh’s Make Up 039 – Violet Is Feeling Blue
Last Call Rockstar Phloof! Invisible Light Rockstar Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Odd Couple Sea & Sky Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25
040 – Baby Blue 041 – Fred Farrugia 042 – Catch Me If You Can
Mary Jane Persuasive Invisible Light Graphic Garden Fred Farrugia Plumage Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Magnetic Attraction Embark Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25
043 – The Purple Bird 044 – Blue Liner 045 – The Fun Palette Make Up
Swish Plum Dressing Cranberry Trax Georgous Gold Phlooh! Shadowy Lady Sea & Sky Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Baked Flipside Psychedelic Sister Uzi
 046 – Neo Nebula 047 – Earthly Humid  048 – My Cherry Tree
Neo Nebula Shadowy Lady Invisible Light Graphic Garden Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Earthly Humid Shadowy Lady Invisible Light Chickadee Razzleberry Georgous Gold Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 049 – The Shimmer Of Envy  050 – Brown & Black 051 – Shades of Grey
Shimmermint Envy Georgous Gold Phloof! Moondust Graphic Garden Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Electra Gunmetal Phloof!
 052 –  In My Pool 053 –  Sensuous  054 – The Mojito Beauty Birthday Make Up
Poolside Sea & Sky Graphic Garden Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Sensuous Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Georgous Gold Shimmermint Envy Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25
makeup055-femmepressee02  makeup056-smokeyclub makeup057-smutsatintaupe01
055 – Make Up de la Femme Pressée 056 – Smokey Club 057 – Smut & Satin Taupe
Dark Horse Club Sumptuous Olive Graphic Garden Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Smut Satin Taupe Glitter Reflect Pearl Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup058-nyc01  makeup059-vice01  makeup060-pluminvisible01
 058 – Winter in NYC  059 – Penny & Me  060 – Candy Princess
Bordello Rockstar Shadowy Lady Maui Wowie Uzi Select Sheer Pressed NC25  Penny Lane Jagger Black Market Select Sheer Pressed NC25  Plum Dressing Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup061-rapture02 makeup062-sorciere04  makeup063-smokeynoel01
 061 – Rapture Is My Muse  062 – The Witch Is In Da Place  063 – Smokey de Noël
Rapture Muse Provocateur Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Graphic Garden Glitter Reflect Pearl Psychedelic Sister Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Set To Dance Gunmetal Electra Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup064-newyear01 makeup065-neonebulaoddcouple makeup066-vicefreebird1
 064 – New Year’s Eve Make Up  065 – Girly Purple  066 – Freebird Vice
Anonymous Dark Horse Creep Razzleberry Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Neo Nebula Odd Couple  Shadowy Lady Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Freebird Vice Black Market   Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup067-chanel06  makeup068-vicedoremiddle01 makeup069-mirifique01
 067 – Mirifique Naked Liner 068 – Dark & Gold  069 – Mirifique Smokey
Anonymous Mirifique Naked Buck Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Blitz Jagged Select Sheer Pressed NC25  Mirifique Gunmetal Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup070-theodora02  makeup071-nakedbasics01  makeup072-sirene
 070 – Theodora  071 – Naked Basics 072 – Hi-Vert
Beware Bewitch Broken Jealous Select Sheer Pressed NC25  W.O.S Faint Venus Crave Plumage Steamy Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup073-nudechaos  makeup074-bluebrownie makeup075-turnthelights
 073 – Nude Chaos 074 – Blue Brownies  075 – Turn The Lights
Echo Beach Nevermind Muse Chaos Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Star By Night Tilt Satin Taupe Georgous Gold Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25  Georgous Gold Muchness Trax Shadowy Lady Invisible Light Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup076-15thpurple  makeup077-ohsospecial1  makeup078-sellmeout
 076 – 15th Purple 077 – Oh So Special  078 – Sell Me Out
Omen Half Truth Blackout Vanilla Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Gateau Celebrate Organza Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Ecstacy AC/DC Misdemeanor  Sellout Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup079-africanviolet01  makeup080-swissplumdressing01  makeup081-mermaid01makeup081-mermaid01makeup081-mermaid01makeup081-mermaid02
 079 – African Violet 080 – Swish & Plum Dressing 081 – Mermaid
 African Violet Half Baked Vainglorious Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Swish Plum Dressing Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Mermaid Plumage Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup085-sunsetdelight makeup083-bleuocean01  makeup084-icequeen01
082 – Sunset Delight 083 – Blue Ocean  084 – Ice Queen
Chickadee Mandarine Razzleberry Vice Shadowy Lady Select Sheer Pressed NC25  Star By Night Electra Social Climber Phloof!
Select Sheer Pressed NC25
Uzi Missionary Bust Lost Steamy Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup082-clubleger  makeup086-vintagegold01  makeup087-margarita01
 085 – Light In Da Club 086 – Vintage Gold  087 – Margarita
Naked Club
Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 Lady’s Prance Rolled Gold Vainglorious Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Coastal Scents  Bows & Cursleys  Club Phloof!
Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 makeup088-rachelsmakeup01  makeup089-wookparadisco02  makeup090-weddingday
 088 – Rachel’s Make Up  089 – Paradisco In The Woods 090 – Going To A Wedding
 Steamy Plumage Woodwinked Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25  Paradisco Woodwinked Twinks Select Sheer Pressed NC25   Woodwinked Uzi Hustle Smut Social Climber
Select Sheer Pressed NC25
makeup091-automnerose  makeup092-automneMUG01  makeup093-prettyviolet01
091 – Automne Rose  092 – Dark Make Up avec Make Up Geek  093 – Spring Is Back
 Swish Plum Dressing Woodwinked Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25 Moondust Envy Shimmermint  Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25  Senseous Shadowy Lady  Invisible Light Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25
 094 – Rock Military
Greensmoke Club Phloof! Select Sheer Pressed NC25

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